McNeal Growers
McNeal Growers | We sell more than plants. We sell knowledge.

About McNeal Growers

McNeal Growers is a wholesale grower of native and adapted, grasses, ground covers and flowering perennials that are uniquely suited to the condition of the western 2/3 of Texas. We specialize in plant solutions to the problems of urban, suburban and rural development and construction.

A great deal of our business is as consultants, helping landowners, developers, landscape architects, designers and contractors to solve the problems of land development and construction. We are uniquely qualified to find cost effective solutions to the problems of modern development. We also provide consulting services for all types of restoration projects from work restoring impacted grasslands, woodlands and other naturally occurring plant communities to engineered structures, such as storm water channels and storm water retention ponds and hybrid projects, such as stream bank stabilization and erosion control in developed watersheds and re-vegetation of constructed or natural wet ponds and wetlands. With all these different types of projects we work from the initial planning and design phases all the way through developing maintenance plans and managing the establishment of the planting at the end of a project. Along with the plant species we normally keep in stock and in conjunction with the consulting work we do we can grow on contract a much wider range of plant species to meet the special needs of projects that require them.